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Personal blenders do exactly what you’d think they’d do – create single servings perfectly sized for one individual. These blenders typically feature a low-power motor specifically designed to meet the needs of an individual who uses their blender mostly for creating beverages such as shakes, smoothies, and mixed drinks. Although these blenders are capable of some other light tasks, such as creating small servings of mushy and liquid dips, it is suggested that they be used solely to mix beverages.

Many personal blenders feature travel lids for their detachable blending pitchers, allowing you to take the entire pitcher with you as a travel bottle. Some of these blenders also feature removable blades, making the travel process simpler and safer.

For those of you in search of a personal blender and a countertop blender, take a moment to reconsider this purchase. There are some countertop blenders which come with both large and small blending cups so that they can flip back and forth between making large batches and single servings.

Bella 12-Piece Personal Rocket Blender

The Bella 12-Piece Rocket blender is a single-serve personal blender designed for mixing beverages and creating powdered herbs and spices. It includes two 16-ounce blending cups, one 8-ounce blending cup, a power base, two double-bladed blending lids, two easy-sip rings, two storage lids, two lids with holes so you can easily shake fresh powdered herbs and spices onto your meal. This blending set does not include travel lids for the blending cups, but the cups themselves have been formed to fit most car cup holders.

This system does not feature an on/off switch and is instead activated when you place pressure on the inverted blending cup. The Bella Rocket is available in nine different color combinations, made up of orange, purple, black, brushed stainless steel, mirrored stainless steel, white, grey and red.

Hamilton Beach 51101BA Personal Blender

The Hamilton Beach 51101BA Travel Blender is the perfect size for creating personal beverages. Its fitted travel lid ensures that there will not be spills or splatters as you take this blender with you on the go. The bottom of the blender jug has been specially sized to fit into the cup holder of most vehicles, making it easier to take with you.

This small blender is compact and will not take up much space on your countertop or in your cupboard. Its wrap-and-clip cord means that this small blender will not cause chaos in your cupboard. The compact size and easy storage of this blender also make it ideal for taking on business trips and vacations, as it will fit nicely inside any suitcase.

The small 175-watt motor of this blender means that it will likely have a difficult time with tasks outside the range of creating beverages.

Hamilton Beach 51102 Single Serve Blender

The Hamilton Beach 51102 Single-Serve Blender has been designed for creating beverages and emulsifications with ease. Its low-power, 175-watt motor is perfect for low-impact tasks which do not require incredible endurance on the part of the blender.

The blending blades are built into the blending cup, which has been fitted with a travel lid. The entire cup lifts easily from the machine and doubles as a travel cup.

Available in three different colors (white, pastel pink, or pastel green) this personal blending system fits easily inside or beneath most cupboards. You may purchase this unit with one blending cup or two. Additional or replacement blending cups may be purchased directly from Hamilton Beach.

Magic Bullet Blender

The Magic Bullet Small Blender is a small blender meant for personal use and creating small dishes. It includes one 19-ounce blending pitcher and two 18-ounce mugs, all of which are dishwasher-friendly. Three lids are also included with this set, each of which fit atop the pitcher and mugs. The mugs are meant for storage and travel purposes, not for blending. This blender’s one speed setting and pulse are controlled by pressing down on the pitcher.

This compact system is perfect for those with small kitchens and little countertop/cupboard space, or those who enjoy bringing the blender with them when they travel.

This system is available in three different color combinations to match your kitchen décor. All color combinations include a clear pitcher and mugs, black lids, and a silver-gray power source. Base colors are available in red, green, or black.

Oster My-Blend Personal Blender
with Sport Bottle

The Oster My-Blend Personal Blender features a 20-ounce juice pitcher which doubles as a sport bottle. It effortlessly creates single servings of beverages. Although it may be capable of creating a limited range of foods, it is not made to create large batches of food and its 250-watt motor may be overwhelmed by certain food-creation tasks. Its single speed is rather high in terms of RPM, and so is designed with beverages in mind.

This system is available in a range of colors, including pink, blue, green, orange, and red. Its multiple color options allow you to express your individuality, and to color-code different bottles for different members of your family if you should choose to buy additional bottles.

The My-Blend’s pitcher is designed to double as a sport bottle. Simply remove the blades and replace them with a no-drip travel lid. The pitcher easily fits inside a purse, gym bag, or car cup holder.

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