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Ovente Robust Stainless Steel Immersion Blender Set

Ovente Robust Stainless Steel Immersion Blender Set

The Ovente Robust Immersion Blender packs a lot of power for a low price and features all of the extras one would expect from an immersion blender.

With the exception of a couple small downsides, I would not hesitate to recommend this blender. In fact, what I view as downsides are more a matter of personal opinion that objective facts. I encourage you to continue reading if you are interested in purchasing this or any similar blender. Take a few moments to get to know the features of this blender and why I believe that they are exceptionally impressive, given its incredibly affordable price.

Pure Power

This hand-held blender boasts and impressive 300-watt motor. For comparison sake, allow me to tell you that most other immersion blenders feature motors in the 200 to 250-watt range. The extra 50 to 100 watts makes a big difference in terms of power and durability. I would be more confident assigning difficult tasks to this immersion blender than I would be assigning them to one with less power. Similarly, I would have more confidence that this blender could work for extended periods of time without overheating than I would with one of less power.

That being said, let’s not forget that this is an immersion blender, not a countertop blender. Despite its chopping cup (which we will discuss later) you should not be treating this blender as if it is capable of creating nut butters and breaking down ice. You are likely to run into difficulties trying to break down certain foods, but that is just what you get when you work with any immersion blender. Although this one does contain a stronger motor than many others, its 300-watt motor is still much less powerful than the 800 to 1500-watt motors of most countertop blenders.

All The Extras

As you find with most immersion blenders, this one includes a blending attachment as well as a whisking attachment. Whether you would like to break down foods inside a bowl, a pot, or beaker, the blending attachment has you covered. You can also use this to mix liquids together or beat eggs for omelets. The whisking attachment comes in rather handy when you find yourself in need of mixing batter, whipping egg yolks, or creating whipped cream. A 16-ounce beaker is also included as a handy place to mix small amounts of liquid-based concoctions.

Ovente 2FS

Like many, but not all, other immersion blenders, this one also comes with a blending cup. If you aren’t familiar with the purpose or function of a blending cup, allow me to quickly enlighten you. If you are familiar, feel free to skip ahead to the next section.

A chopping cup is a clear plastic container inside of which you place a bladed rod. This rod clicks into the bottom of the cup and comes all the way up to the top of it, slightly poking through a hole in the lid. After firmly attaching the lid, the wand of the immersion blender fits tightly into a little circle in the middle of the lid, capturing the end of the bladed rod. When you turn on the blending wand, it uses the 300-watt motor to spin the bladed rod, chopping up any food you’ve placed inside. However, like most immersion chopping cups, this one is small and is built for small tasks – not the type of tasks you may be used to completing inside a countertop blender.

Few Downsides

Through product specifications and consumer reviews, I truly wasn’t able to find much in the way of downsides or issues for this particular blender. One consumer complaint was based around the way in which attachments must be secured to the wand. In order to firmly attach them, one must push and twist them into a locked position. The opposite action must be completed in order to remove them – twist and pull. Consumers found this rather difficult with greasy, sweaty, or batter-covered hands and suggested that a push-button release may be a better option. I must say that I agree with this sentiment.

The only other major issue I have with this blender is its cord. This is, however a matter of personal opinion. I prefer cordless hand-held blenders, simply because I often work with them over my stovetop and am quite wary of melting or setting fire to the cord. Also, I tend to move around a lot in my kitchen and share it with other people. It seems that, whenever a long cord is involved, someone always finds a way to get tangled up. Many other people don’t face these same dilemmas, making this a nearly perfect blender for them.

An Incredible Deal

The price of this immersion blender simply cannot be beat for the quality, extra features, and power it contains. I have seen similarly priced blenders with worse customer reviews, lower wattage motors, and fewer accessories. Most comparable blenders in terms of abilities and power are twice the price of this one, if not more.

In the end, despite its minor shortcomings, I must say that the Ovente Robust Immersion Blender is rather impressive, especially for its price.

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