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Oster My-Blend Personal Blender With Sport Bottle

Oster My-Blend Personal Blender with Sport Bottle

The Oster My-Blend Personal Blender is an affordable and stylish single-serve, single-speed blender combined with a travel sport bottle and designed to help you meet your dietary needs even with your busy schedule.

This sleek, modern, compact blender is available with five different bright and lively accent colors – blue, red, green, orange, and pink. The accent color for each system is included on part of its base and the drinking flap of the travel lid. Even the see-through plastic BPA-free travel bottle is tinted with the accent color.

In this article, we will investigate the Oster My-Blend Personal Blender with one major objective – to help you decide if it is the right blender for you. I want to say, before we get started, that if you are looking for a large, powerful blender with a 72-ounce pitcher and the capability of breaking down ice with little or no liquid assistance, you will want to stop reading now and head on over to our sections for countertop and hybrid blenders.

Built For Beverages

It is clear, from both the way that this blender is marketed and the way that it is built, that it is best used for creating a variety of beverages. Although it is probably capable of creating certain foods, I wouldn’t use this blender for making any of the millions of foods one can whip up inside a more powerful countertop or hybrid blender. The 250-watt motor included in the power base of this machine will struggle, and could overheat, if you push it to try difficult tasks such as breaking down ice without the assistance of adequate liquid.

It is, however, perfectly equipped to handle the task of creating beverages, including mixed drinks, shakes, and smoothies. Simply fill the cup with your desired fruits and juices, screw on the bladed cap, flip the cup over, secure it onto the power base and push down on the cup to activate the blending system. Although this blender’s single speed would limit it from performing certain low-speed chopping tasks, it is precisely the speed required for creating beverages.

Quite simply put, this is an inexpensive appliance and, thus, is capable of performing limited tasks. So long as you use it within its limitations, you should find yourself rather impressed at how long it will last you. In fact, in researching consumer reviews, I quickly found that those people who were most impressed with the My-Blend were those who used it properly. People who overused the machine and tried to push it beyond its limits were the ones who ended up breaking it.

I would even hazard to say that this blender is capable of creating a variety of dips and baby foods. Anything with a pasty or liquid consistency should turn out just fine. Obviously, though, its major purpose is to be a beverage blender. Its travel abilities will show you just why I say this.

Travel Companion

The My-Blend is perfect for people with a busy schedule. Not only is the entire system compact enough to easily travel with you in a suitcase on long trips, it is built so that you can detach the blending cup and bring it with you on your way out the door in the morning.

Oyster My Blend 11FS

After completing the blending process, simply remove the entire pitcher, flip it upside down, remove the bladed cap, replace it with the travel lid, and carry on with your day. The travel lid features a flip up cap, allowing you to close off all openings so that you may easily toss this cup directly into your purse, work bag, or gym bag for easy transportation. The size and shape of the cup itself has also been designed with travel in mind – it is perfectly fitted to the size of most car cup holders.

One For All

I am, generally, a fan of personal blenders; in fact, I own one. I love being able to spin up a quick shake or a smoothie for myself without having to wash out a large pitcher as well as a glass. Let’s face it, although a lot of these things are dishwasher-friendly, its difficult to get dried-on smoothie off of them in a dishwasher. I often find myself hand-washing them or at least rinsing them first. When I’m in a rush, its great to be able to just make a smoothie and bring the pitcher with me.

The only thing I’ve not been impressed with, in regard to my own personal blender, is that I cannot share. What if my husband or child would also like a smoothie before we leave the house? I find myself having to lug out the big countertop blender and an assortment of sport bottles, along with a funnel so that I can try to get the smoothie inside the bottles without making a large sticky mess on my countertop. Trust me, it is about as simple and time-effective as it sounds – which is not at all.

What I love about the My-Blend is that, although it only comes with one blender/sport bottle, you can actually buy additional bottles. The personal blender I purchased didn’t come with this option; if I had wanted a different blender bottle for each member of my family, I would have had to purchase multiple blenders. I especially like that, since the My-Blend is available in so many colors, each member of my family could have their own color-coded blender bottle.

Advanced Safety Feature

Another incredibly impressive feature of this Oster blender is its safety shutoff sensor. Usually only available in high-priced blenders, this feature turns the system off if it senses that the motor is overheating. Instead of blowing your motor completely, you can simply reset the switch fuse in the power base and continue with your task after allowing the motor to cool.

The Conclusion

As I say for most personal blenders, this machine is not meant for a person who would like to create large portions or who needs a blender which can handle difficult tasks, such as breaking down ice. Its lack of speed settings also means that this blender is not ideal for the person in search of a blender which will chop food.

This blender is, however, perfect for someone on a busy schedule who wants to enjoy their blended beverages on the go.

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