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Nutri Ninja BL482 Auto IQ Countertop Blender

Nutri Ninja BL482 Auto IQ Countertop Blender

The Nutri Ninja Auto IQ system is designed to effectively and efficiently complete the most basic of your at-home blending tasks. This blender has clearly not been designed to compete with top-of-line blenders, though at its affordable price one would not expect it to be able to do so. All things considered, I believe that this appliance achieves precisely what one should expect from it, given its affordability.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Nutri Ninja IQ so that you can understand how and why I formed the opinion stated above. You will get a chance to see its many wonderful features as well as areas where it could be improved. Despite its shortcomings when compared with high-priced blenders, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, this may be just the right fit for you and your needs.

Sufficient Power

The 1000-watt motor in this blender offers sufficient power to break down foods with ease. However, I would hesitate to try to break down hard vegetables or ice with this blender without the aid of liquid; I usually withhold those difficult tasks for a blender powered by 1200-watts or more. Despite my concerns, consumers are reporting that this blender is more than capable of breaking down ice and hard vegetables without the aid of liquids. I suppose it is one of those things I will have to test out in the future.

This decently strong motor should be able to run for extended periods of time without the worry of overheating. Lower wattage motors, such as those which are 600 and 700 watts, often overheat if you leave them running for too long – making them absolutely useless if you would like them to perform difficult tasks such as creating nut butter. There is no need to worry about such problems with this 1000-watt motor. It should be able to run for the few minutes required to turn nuts into delectable butter without a problem. Still, I suggest watching over this blender while it does so. Unlike some other blenders, the Auto IQ does not appear to have an overload features – it will not turn itself off if it does begin to overheat.

On account of its powerful motor, advertisements for the Ninja IQ claim that it can easily break down stems, seeds, and skins of fruits and vegetables. I had my doubts about this, since I once owned a Ninja blender which was completely incapable of breaking down much of anything, especially stems, seeds and skins. Still, consumer reviews say that this blender can, in fact, blast through these parts of food with little effort. I believe that this may be because this particular Ninja blender utilizes traditionally designed bottom blades, instead of the unique rod-based blades of most other Ninja blenders.

Auto IQ Technology

A Ninja product just isn’t a Ninja product without some sort of special, unique feature. This blender features ‘Auto IQ Technology.’ If you are unsure of what that is, don’t worry, I will explain it for you. This unique technology relies on sensors and pre-programmed settings to achieve what Ninja claims is the perfect blend.

Nutri Ninja 5FS

Instead of specific speeds, the buttons of the front of this unit allow you to choose to pulse as you wish by pressing the pulse button, or you can select a preset speed plus pulse combination designed to give you a basic blend or an “ultra blend”.

If you would like to chop anything or create a chunky salsa, I would suggest using the pulse option, since both of the other settings appear to be set to speeds fast enough to liquefy most foods in the blink of an eye. That being said, even the marketing for this blender focuses on its use as a beverage, dip and spread blender; not as a chopping and dicing blender. If you are hoping that your blender will perform low-speed chopping tasks, I suggest looking for a blender with variable speed settings.

Three Pitchers

This Nutri Ninja ensemble comes with three different blending cups for extra convenience. You can choose between the 18 ounce, 24 ounce, or 32 ounce pitchers, depending upon how large of a batch you would like to create. Essentially, this is a “countertop blender meets a personal blender”. If you want to create just one beverage, use only the 18-ounce blending cup. If you are hoping to create more, select one of the larger sizes.


Unless you are hoping to perform incredibly difficult tasks with your blender, the 1000-watt motor should sufficiently handle whatever tasks you throw at it. Based on its settings, I believe that this blender is best used for creating liquids and pastes. Beverages, frozen desserts, soups, dips, and spreads should all come out nicely using this machine. Chunky salsas and sauces may be a completely different story. If you are looking for a machine with variable speed settings and capable of slicing and dicing, keep looking.

It is unfortunate that the largest-sized pitcher is only 32 ounces. For comparison sake, most countertop blenders include a 64-ounce or 72-ounce pitcher. If you are looking for large pitcher, keep looking. If you find yourself creating personal beverages, small amounts of dip, dressing, soup, et cetera, this may actually be the right choice for you.

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