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Nutri-Bullet By Magic Bullet

Nutri-Bullet by Magic Bullet

The Nutri-Bullet by Magic Bullet is a mid-level blender designed to handle most regular kitchen tasks. This countertop blender features a 600-watt motor, one speed, three cups, two lids, and two blades.

In this review, we will take a close look at the Nutri-Bullet. We will learn more about each of its features and hear what actual consumers have to say about how well this blender actually accomplishes what it says it can accomplish, and how well it has been built. I hope that, by the end of this article, you will have a better idea of whether or not the Nutri-Bullet is the right blender to fit your needs.

Before moving forward, however, it is important to ask yourself exactly what your needs are and to have a clear vision of the blender for which you are searching. We have a couple of informational pages which explain the difference between different types of blenders as well as how to select the best blender for you. If necessary, take a moment to read those articles first and create a list of the features which will work best for you.

Different Blades for Different Purposes

Unlike most blenders, which only feature one type of blade, the Nutri-Bullet features two types of blades – a flat blade and an emulsifying blade. The flat blade is best used for slicing and dicing. It will, therefore, serve all of your smoothie and salsa-making needs. The emulsifying blade is best for creating emulsifications. What is an emulsification? If you find yourself asking that question, do not worry – I wasn’t quite sure what it meant when I began blending, either.

An emulsification is a blend of two different types of liquids. For example, blending oil and vinegar together to create the base of a salad dressing is emulsifying. The salad dressing base is an emulsification. Therefore, if you want to mix two or more types of liquids without creating some frothy mess, select the emulsification blade insert for this blender.

Multiple Cups for Multiple Needs

Something I really like about this system is that it comes with three different cups. Two different lids are also included, since the three cups only feature two different sizes of openings. Theoretically that sounds wonderful and, in some ways, it is.

Magic Bullet Nutri 4FS

I enjoy the different sizes of cups included with this blending system, because they mean that I will not have to use a large cup for a small job. I can select the proper cup to fit my task. Also, I like that I am able to create something in one cup, slap a lid on it, stick it in the refrigerator and then do the same with another cup.

The only thing which makes me unhappy is that there are only two lids; this means that I will be unable to use all three cups simultaneously. This is bad news for people like me. I enjoy creating multiple smoothies early in the morning and grabbing them up throughout the day for a quick boost. Some people, however, will not find this to be as big of a deal, especially if they only use their blender to help prepare meals.

Kills Seeds and Stems

This is something I found very impressive about this blender – apparently it easily breaks downs stems and seeds. As someone who enjoys at least one fruit smoothie every day, it is important that my blender be able to handle the seeds and stems associated with some of the frozen fruits I often toss inside. I once had a blender which failed to meet these requirements; I found myself walking around with raspberry seeds stuck in my teeth all day long.

Generally speaking, breaking down seeds and stems (and sometimes even grape skins) can be a very difficult task for a blender. When looking for this degree of food processing, people often turn to a juicer instead of a blender.

As impressed as I was to see that Magic Bullet was claiming that this blender could easily break down seeds and stems, I didn’t necessarily believe them. I was surprised to see that, when I reviewed consumer reviews, the claims appeared to be true. I haven’t personally tested this blender as of yet, but I do believe the multitude of happy consumers.

The Bad News

Of course nothing is perfect. Every review you will read on this website will likely include some negative points. The biggest negative factor for this particular blender is that it only features one speed. One speed, that’s all. For me, this is a major let down – especially since I was so excited about the way it breaks down seeds and stems. Multiple speeds mean multiple types of food processing. For example, slower speeds help to chop food up into nice salsa and sauce-type consistencies; faster speeds help create smoothies and hummus.

It will be very difficult to create products of different consistencies with only one speed option. I am not sure if this blender works on a chronically high speed or an everlasting low speed, so you will find either that when trying to create salsas and other chopped foods your foods will be completely obliterated into a paste, or else that it takes ages to create a well broken-down smoothie.

The other negative factor for this blender is that it appears to be in danger of overheating if you run it for too long of a period. Even the manual suggests halting after one minute of use. This is likely to become frustrating if you are attempting to create nut butters or large batches of fruit smoothies.

The Bottom Line

Just as everything has its good points and bad points, there is always a bottom line. In the case of this Nutri-Bullet, the bottom line appears to be that this is a mid-priced, mid-level machine capable of mid-level performance. It is best suited to those who intend to use it occasionally and who are not planning to create chopped foods (such as salsas) inside it. It is great for the smoothie drinker, as it easily breaks down stems and seeds, but should not be used for long periods of time.

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