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Ninja Master Prep GB900B Countertop Blender

Ninja Master Prep GB900B Countertop Blender

The Ninja Master Prep QB900B countertop blender is an adequately powerful appliance with a unique design. As you will come to see, this blender is fully capable of most basic blending tasks.

In this article, we will take some time to look closer at this Ninja Master blender. We will investigate its abilities based on its motor and its speed settings, and other important features. We will also discuss the ways in which it is convenient and easy to use, as well as the features which make it difficult and inconvenient to use. This article has two major goals: to help you decide if this is the right blender for you and to teach you a little more about blenders so that you can apply this knowledge while investigating other blenders.

Unique Design

The unique design of the Ninja Master is, perhaps, one of its most obvious features. It isn’t hard to imagine why some people actually have difficulty accepting the fact that this is a blender when they first look at it. Instead of featuring a power base, the power source for this blender fits on top of the pitcher. Instead of featuring blades at the bottom of the pitcher, the blades are attached to a rod which sits in the middle of the pitcher and extends from the very bottom up to the top where it slides through the lid and into an opening in the power supply. The power supply spins this entire rod, causing the four blades to whirl around inside.

Ninja Master 2FS

At first, this unique design sounds great. At a glance, you can see that the blades are much larger than standard blender blades and dispersed throughout the entire height of the pitcher. Unfortunately, if you know a little bit about the way that a blender functions, you will know that this design is not optimal. Blenders work by creating a vortex of air in the center of the pitcher, which works to push and pull food particles in different directions, constantly slamming them against the blades at the bottom, which breaks them down further. The very existence of the center rod makes it difficult to create this vortex and results in a weaker force and food not moving through as quickly or easily.

I truly believe that this design is why the Ninja Master has a difficult time breaking down skins and seeds when some other blenders seem to have no problems with this task. I have owned a Ninja Master in the past and was unpleasantly surprised to find that it had a difficult time breaking down grapes, blueberries, and even strawberries on occasion.

Frustration Station

I warn you now that you require patience to work with this machine, as it does not clean very easily and is sometimes difficult to fit together.

There are many crevices in both the pitcher and the lid of this blender. In fact, I have never seen a blender with as many crevices built into the lid, and I am quite unsure why they are there. They appear to serve absolutely no function, other than to frustrate the user. If you do purchase this blender, I suggest taking a moment to rinse out each and every non-electrical piece before walking away from it. That being said, even rinsing doesn’t seem to get it all, so you will likely need to come back and hand wash each piece later on.

Another area of frustration I and many others have found with this blender is the way that it all fits together. The blade fits easily inside the pitcher and the lid fits securely on top. The problem comes when you try to attach the power source atop the lid and blade. The piece of the blade which sticks up through the lid fits into the power source in a very specific way and often needs to be jiggled, spun, and adjusted before the power source will fit securely on the lid.

The Positives

I feel that this blender may have received a slightly more critical review than the others, simply based on the fact that I owned it and was not impressed with it. I would like to take a moment to point out a couple of its positive features to even out this review a little bit. Firstly, this is a very inexpensive blender, considering all that is included with it. In fact, this is almost two blenders in one, because it comes with two different pitchers, each with their own blending lids. In addition to the blending lids, this set features storage lids which create an airtight seal perfect for storing your concoctions in the refrigerator or freezer.

Another wonderful feature of this blender set is its price. Although I found this blender frustrating and it did not accomplish the tasks I required of it, I shouldn’t have expected much more for its price. The fact that it was able to perform even the simplest of tasks was a very good thing considering its price and all that is included with it.

Final Words

This 400-watt Ninja Master countertop blender is easily able to complete basic blending tasks. Unfortunately, its unique design appears to interfere with its ability to perform some other, more advanced tasks. While it would be wonderful if this low-cost blender could perform the duties of a high-priced blender, I can certainly understand why it is unable to do so. More powerful and advanced countertop blenders cost nearly 10 to 15 times more money than this particular blender. The very fact that this blender comes with a variety of convenience features makes it more than worth its price on the open market.

I would recommend this blender for someone just starting out in the world of blending, or who intends to use their blender mostly for creating large batches of beverages or quick salsas and hummus. Remember to rinse every non-electrical part of this blender directly after use to avoid a frustrating clean up later on.

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