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Magic Bullet Blender

Magic Bullet Blender

The Magic Bullet Small Blender is a single speed, single-serve blender built to meet your most basic blending needs.

This compact appliance takes up a very small amount of space on your countertop or in your cupboard. It includes one 19-ounce blending pitcher as well as two 18-ounce cups and three lids. Unfortunately, the additional cups are for storage purposes – you cannot blend in them. The small size of this blender makes it perfect for travel, as it will fit nicely inside a suitcase.

In this article, we will review the specifications and consumer opinions of the Magic Bullet Small Blender. We will take a close look at its abilities and its best applications. It is my hope that, at the end of this article, you will be able to decide if this blender will make a good addition to your kitchen, or if you should continue your search based on the information provided.

Single Serve

It is quite evident from the size of the blending pitcher that this blender is meant, primarily, for personal use. This is not the blender you want on your countertop when preparing food and drinks for a large party. Unless, of course, every guest wants a different drink and you don’t mind spending the entire party standing in the kitchen blending and washing out the pitcher.

Magic Bullet Small 4FS

On the other hand, this blender is perfect for people who do not often have the need to create blended foods and drinks for large groups. It is ideal for those who make single servings of smoothies on a regular basis, or who enjoy creating small appetizers (such as hummus or salsa) for a small group of guests.

Single Speed

This Magic Bullet operates at only one speed. In fact, it doesn’t even feature an on/off switch; the action is activated by pressure. Once the pitcher is secured, if the system senses that you have applied pressure, or pushed down, on the pitcher it will spring into action. In this way, you can control the pulse of the blender simply by relieving and re-applying pressure.

The inability to increase or reduce the speed at which this blender operates is a major hindrance to the creation of certain types of foods. I will assume that the operating speed of this blender is rather high since it has been advertised as perfect for creating smoothies and baby food. This tells me that this blender will not be your best choice if you are hoping it will be helpful in chopping and slicing food. If you decide to try to use it for those purposes anyway, I suggest that you carefully use the pulse option to break down food, otherwise you may find yourself with pasta sauce when you are aiming for salsa.

No Miracles

This is a rather inexpensive blender, especially considering all that it includes. High-quality blenders of this size which include multiple cups and lids usually fetch a much higher price. This is why I caution you not to expect miracles from this appliance. It can be quite a helpful tool in your kitchen, so long as you recognize its limitations and expect nothing more from it than it is able to deliver.

For example, you should expect that this blender will have a difficult time breaking down ice and equally hard foods. Expect that it will not contain the best motor on the market and will, thus, need some time to cool down if you intend to use it for long periods of time.

To Match Your Décor

Of course, I do not believe that matching your small appliances to your décor should be a major concern. However, for some people it is rather important. Don’t get me wrong, I think it can be quite important to match large appliances the overall décor of a room. I simply believe that, since small appliances can be hidden away in a cupboard, we should prioritize function over fashion.

Despite my own feelings on this topic, I know that many of you will be happy to see that this particular blender is available three different colors. It is the power base (upon which you sit the power supply) for which you can select different colors as it is available in black, red, or green. The power supply itself is silver-gray. Regardless of the base color you choose, the pitcher and cups will be clear and all lids will be black.

The Overview

Overall, there isn’t much I can say about this blender which is negative. Although it cannot come close to living up to the standards set by more advanced and expensive blenders, it appears to be fully capable of living up to the expectation one would have for a blender of its price. After reading extensive consumer reviews, I have come to the conclusion that, so long as you do not push this blender beyond its obvious limitations, you should find yourself happy with its performance.

I do not recommend the Magic Bullet Small Blender for people who need their blenders to create large batches of food or beverages. If you were hoping that the extra cups included with this blender were able to be used as blending cups, you will find yourself disappointed and should continue looking until you find a set that will meet your needs.

I would, however, quickly recommend this blender to anyone who plans to use it for simple, small, short-lived tasks such as creating personal smoothies, baby food, and blended dips.

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