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Hybrid blenders, or all-in-one blenders, are a mixture of a countertop blender and other important kitchen appliances such as juicer, food processor, or mixer. Rare and quite expensive, these blenders/food processors are an incredibly useful tool in the kitchen of the home chef. They are capable of slicing, dicing, mixing, and blending. You can easily create salsas, smoothies, cake batters, cookie dough, sauces, and dips all in this single machine.

This type of blender combo requires considerable storage space on your countertop and in your cupboards, as it comes with many different components. Essential features of this type of blender include a powerful motor, multiple attachments or different types of blending blades, and a large-capacity pitcher. Some of these blender/juicer/mixer/food processor combinations even allow you to remove the pitcher and replace it with different types of pitchers (small and large) to meet your various needs.

Breville Sous Chef

The Breville Sous Chef Three-In-One system brings together a blender, a food processor, and an electric mixer. With this high-power machine you can easily shred cheese, slice meat, slice scalloped potatoes, and make French fries, smoothies, soups and sauces. You can use the emulsifying blade to whip mayonnaise, cream, and a variety of dressings. You can chop, slice, grate, shred, puree, mix, and blend all in this one machine.

The slicer has 24 different depth settings which can create a range of slices from 0.3mm thick all the way to 8mm. The enormous 5.5 inch feeding chute allows you to process or blend entire apples, potatoes, and chunks of cheese without the need to break them down ahead of time. The large 16-cup processing bowl can be fitted with a smaller 2.5-cup bowl for smaller more intricate jobs.

Cuisinart SmartPower Duet Blender and
Food Processor

The Cuisinart Smart Power Duet is both a blender and food processor rolled into one. You can use its stainless steel, double-bladed rod to create smoothies or insert its processing disc to slice, grate or shred.

Both the blending pitcher and the processing bowl are made from BPA-free, dishwasher-friendly plastic. The blending blades and processing disc are constructed of stainless steel. The Duet also features a 350-watt motor.

The blending pitcher and processing bowl in this set have been designed for relatively small jobs. The pitcher has a 40-ounce capacity and the bowl can house 3 cups of ingredients. Seven different speeds have been incorporated into this blender/food processor combo and can easily be controlled with soft-touch buttons.

DeLonghi Food Processor with Integrated Blender

The DeLonghi Food Processor with Integrated Blender is a low-cost multi-purpose kitchen appliance. It features a 40-ounce blending pitcher and a 9-cup processing bowl which can easily be swapped out by simply unlocking one from the power base and replacing it with the other. The two multifunctional processing discs allow you to choose between thick slicing, thin slicing, thick shredding, or fine grating. It also features a dough blade, which will allow you to mix a variety of dough in the blending pitcher.

The 400-watt motor is able to efficiently handle small and simple tasks but may struggle with longer and more difficult tasks. This system does not feature overload protection but has been built with sensors which will not allow you to turn it on if the bowl/pitcher or lid are not securely attached.

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse

The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse is advertised as a hybrid blender capable of creating a wide assortment of foods and beverages, including dips, spreads, cookie dough, pizza dough, bread dough, and smoothies.

This system comes with 16-ounce blending cups for your on-the-go convenience. It also features one bladed lid for those cups so that they may be used directly on the power base, as well as two travel lids. A 40-ounce processing bowl doubles as both a mixing bowl and blending pitcher. The system also includes total crushing blades, total extraction blades, a dough hook, and a dough paddle.

The 550-watt motor in this system is powerful enough to effectively run a small personal blender but pales in comparison to the 1000 to 1500-watt motors in most other hybrid blending systems.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 Hybrid Blender

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System combines a blender and a mixer into one convenient appliance. Driven by a powerful and durable 1500-watt motor, this machine is capable of tackling the most difficult of blending and mixing tasks. Creating smoothies and other liquid-based beverages is a breeze for this blender. Additionally, it can easily break down ice and frozen fruit without the assistance of additional liquids.

Creating cookie, pasta, bread, and pizza dough is simple and fast when using the mixing bowl and dough blade included with this system. Three speeds and a pulse setting allow you optimal control over the function of this unit. This system comes with everything you need to use it to its fullest ability, including a 1500-watt power base, a 72-ounce large-capacity blending pitcher, an 8-cup blending bowl, and two 16-ounce personal single-serve blending cups with sealable travel lids. Extra 16-ounce travel cups can be purchased separately.

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