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Hamilton Beach 51102 Single Serve Blender

Hamilton Beach 51102 Single Serve Blender

The Hamilton Beach 51102 Single-Serve Blender is a compact, low-power personal blending system made for creating on-the-go beverages.

Overall, through research into this particular blender’s specifications and from reading lengthy consumer reviews, I have found that this small blender will likely satisfy those looking for a compact unit capable of creating mixed beverages. More difficult tasks, such as breaking down ice and hard vegetables should be left to more powerful single-serve blenders and countertop blenders.

In this review, I will explain why I have drawn the conclusions listed above and will also go into further detail about the positive and negative aspects of the 51102 blender.

Mostly Meant For Beverages

Most single-serve personal blenders are meant specifically for beverages, though some can easily double or triple their usefulness by also breaking down ice and vegetables. I believe that this particular blender is best suited to creating blended beverages and that users should steer clear of the more difficult tasks.

In order to effectively and efficiently break down ice or hard vegetables, a blender’s blades must be powered by a motor with enough strength to push them through those hard foods without overheating. Also, the motor will often need to run for longer periods of time to complete these more difficult tasks; I would suggest somewhere around 300 to 400 watts of power in the motor of a personal blender which you plan to use for such tasks. I base this suggestion on the research I have completed and by comparing the many different types of motors I have seen in single-serve blenders, as well as the many different levels of performance I have read about.

The motor in this Hamilton Beach personal blender is only 175 watts. This tells me that it is best used to mix liquids together for beverages or emulsification, or to break down soft foods. If you intend to break down hard frozen fruits or ice, I suggest incorporating liquid into that equation to help the process along. Also, be sure to run this appliance in short spurts, instead of long periods, when attempting such difficult tasks. The motor may overheat if you leave it running for too long, and there does not appear to be any sort of safety sensors which would turn off the machine in such an instance.

Blend and Go

As I have already stated, although certain other blending tasks can be completed in this particular blender, it has been created with beverages in mind. Blending blades have been built into the bottom of the 14-ounce blending cup which also doubles as a drinking cup, allowing you to blend a beverage and take it with you.

Hamilton Single 2FSSimply remove the entire blending cup from the base unit and go. The regular blending lid is already a travel lid with a pop up cap covering the drinking hole, making this entire piece perfect for traveling.

For some people, taking the entire cup and lid will not be an option. The difference with this and many other personal blending cups is that the blades remain in the cup when you take it with you. Anyone working in specially secured workplaces will not be able to bring such a cup with them to work.

That being said, if you do not work in such an environment and are not bothered by the idea of there being blades in the bottom of your cup, you may find that this option is preferable to the other type of personal blender. Other personal blenders place the blades on the lid, have you flip the entire cup over and secure it onto the base upside down. This means that once you remove it from the base you will need to replace the bladed lid with a travel lid, which will increase the number of dishes you will have to clean.

Obviously, whether the design of this single-serve blender is seen as a positive or a negative will depend upon the person looking to purchase it. How well do you think this design fits your needs?

Six Options

Assuming that you have determined this to be one of the best personal blending options for you, you may be interested in knowing about the six different options you can choose from when purchasing this unit.

First, you can choose a machine that comes with either one cup or two cups. Obviously, this choice will depend upon how many people you anticipate using this machine, how often each of those people will be using it, and how often you plan to do dishes. If you are the only person using it and plan to have enough time and energy to wash the cup between every use, the one cup option should suit you just fine.

To add to the possible value of this set, it is wonderful to know that replacement or additional cups and lids can be purchased directly from Hamilton Beach. This means that you can expand your set to accommodate as many people as you would like.

Second, you are able to choose between three different colors. The most basic option is a plain white plastic encasement with a clear BPA-free plastic cup. The other two options are a pastel pink and a pastel green. These three colors may not be the most appealing to many people with contemporary or industrial kitchens, but the price of this unit more than makes up for that small flaw.


Although the Hamilton Beach 51102 Single-Serve Blender is not perfect for everyone, it will happily serve a certain group of people. If you are looking for a compact, inexpensive personal blender with the sole intention of blending juices and carefully breaking down fruits, frozen fruits and ice, this blender may well suit your needs. You must also be someone for whom the style of this appliance will work well or who is not bothered by such trivial details.

If you are hoping to create nut butters, pasta sauces, or crushed ice, this may not be the right blender for you.

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