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Hamilton Beach 51101BA Personal Blender

Hamilton Beach 51101BA Personal Blender

The Hamilton Beach 51101BA Travel Blender is the ideal personal blender for creating smoothies, milkshakes, and protein shakes. As you may or may not already know, personal blenders are not usually made to handle difficult tasks and have been tailored to suit the needs of someone who regularly creates personal drinks on the go.

In this article, we will take a closer look at this personal Hamilton Beach blender. I will show you the ways it is capable of handling your everyday personal drink requirements, and the ways in which it is not. Overall, I find this to be a rather impressive juicer for its price, but you will soon see why the old adage is often true, sometimes you get what you pay for.

Single Serve

Hamilton Travel 4FSThis blender was made specifically as a single-serving blender. It has been designed with your drinking cup incorporated into the blender jug for exactly that reason. The 14-ounce blender jug easily detaches from the appliance and can be fitted with a travel lid for your drinking convenience.

As the only person in my household who drinks smoothies on a regular basis, I absolutely love that I do not need to create extra dishes when I use my personal blender. Instead of having to dirty and wash both a blender jug and a glass, I will only have to wash the blender jug, which doubles as my glass.

Aside from single-service drinks, the size and power of this personal blender makes it ideal for creating small appetizer dishes, such as salsa. However, you will need to be very cautious when creating these types of dishes, because the 51101BA can only work at one speed setting.

One Speed

This Hamilton Beach blender operates on one speed and one speed only. Unlike much more expensive (and often larger) blenders, it does not feature five to fifteen variable speed and pulse settings. It does not boast the ability to expertly chop, dice, or mince and is not the ideal choice for creating any dish which requires those abilities.

This does not mean you cannot use if for these purposes in a pinch. You will simply need to be conscious of what you are doing and take care in utilizing the pulse option as you slowly and meticulously chop, dice, or mince. Otherwise, you could find yourself turning salsa into pasta sauce by completely obliterating the food you intended to chop.

Low Wattage

I believe that one of the major reasons this blender does not feature a range of variable speed settings is that its motor simply has not been designed to handle some of the more difficult tasks people often want to achieve with their blenders. For example, the low-wattage motor in this blender isn’t likely to power it through the long and difficult task of creating certain dips or breaking down ice.

Running a blender for long periods or completing tasks which require extra strength require a motor that has significant power. The 175-watt motor included with this blender is not very powerful and will run the risk of overheating if you attempt difficult tasks such as breaking down ice or creating nut butters. However, this machine doesn’t need to do those types of tasks; it isn’t even marketed as something which will perform those tasks. It is marketed as a personal drink blender, and blending personal drinks is exactly what it is capable of doing.

On The Go

What is the point of a personal blender if you aren’t able to take your drink with you when you leave the house? Who doesn’t love spinning up a smoothie on the way out the door on a hot summer morning and sipping it the entire way to work? Perhaps there are people who do not enjoy that, but I can certainly tell you that I enjoy it. I especially enjoy that I do not need to dirty an extra dish if I want to take my drink on the run with me. The travel lid included with this personal blender securely fits atop the small jug, allowing you to bring it along without having to worry that it may leak or spill.

Hamilton Travel 7FS

This next feature really shows you how much thought Hamilton Beach put into creating this product. They did not simply create a travel jug by slapping a travel lid onto a regular jug, they also ensured that the bottom of the jug was sized to fit easily and securely into most car cup holders.

Easy Storage

The small size of this blender means that it can easily be stored inside your cupboard or atop your counter, clearing away extra space for your various other small appliances. There is no need to believe that the perfect blended drink is something you can only have at home. The compact size of this blender also means that it can easily fit inside your suitcase for those long business trips or family vacations.

Additionally, the wrap and clip cord storage included with this blender means that you can easily wrap the cord around the blender’s base and clip it into place with the built-in clip attached to the plug. I have spent enough time fighting with tangled-up cords in my cupboards that I can fully appreciate this feature.

In the End

Looking over all of the specifications of this blender – its upsides, its downsides, and all of its features – I am confident in saying that it is actually a rather impressive little appliance for its incredibly affordable price. I have seen countertop blenders which blow this one out of the water in terms of their abilities, but they also cost 20 to 50 times more money. I have even seen some personal blenders which I believe were superior to this one in terms of function, but which were about 3 to 5 times more money.

If you are looking for something to quickly whip up a smoothie, protein shake, or any other type of drink, this may be a good blender for you. It isn’t capable of difficult tasks such as creating different forms of food, but it’s ideal for creating a variety of beverages in a short amount of time. Also, its travel lid and cupholder-sized base make it great for those quick jogs out the door in the morning.

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