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Hamilton Beach 2-Speed Hand Blender

Hamilton Beach 2-Speed Hand Blender

The Hamilton Beach 2-Speed Hand Blender is a rather impressive immersion blender for its price, but is not without its drawbacks. Although it is quite versatile and features valuable extras, this blender has not received the greatest consumer reviews.

Whether or not this blender will prove to be suited to your needs will depend on two factors – how much money you are willing to spend and what you expect from an immersion blender. Of course, these two factors are intertwined. The more money you are willing to spend, the more features and functions you can expect in your machine; the more features and functions you want from your machine, the more money you will need to spend. It is as simple as that.

In this article, I plan to take a closer look at both the basic features and the extra features included with this Hamilton Beach blender, while simultaneously pointing out areas where improvement may be possible. I will compare it with the information I have researched about what constitutes a great immersion blender as well as information I have found about other immersion blenders. I will also consider consumer reviews in this article, bringing you information straight from those who have purchased a Hamilton Beach 2-Speed Hand Blender.

The Basics

This blender features a 225-watt motor, which I consider to be in the lower range of power for immersion blender motors. I have seen other immersion blenders with motors up to 400 watts, but have also seen some with motors as weak as 200 watts. Therefore, while this is not the weakest or least impressive motor I’ve seen in this type of blender, it is rather close.

What does this mean to the average consumer? It means that you cannot expect much out of this Hamilton Beach Hand Blender. Do not expect to be able to throw some ice into the chopping cup and quickly create some sort of snow cone. Do not expect to throw some hard vegetables into the chopping cup and liquefy them into some incredible, fresh sauce. Do not expect that you can run this system for long periods of time, creating smooth nut butters from scratch. Basically, do not expect that this blender will provide you with the function and utility of a countertop blender. Also, do not expect to do much else in your chopping bowl than chopping.

One basic component included with this thick-grip hand-held blender is a blending wand. When compared with some of the other extra features I will explain shortly, you will see that the blending wand is the most basic attachment available for any type of immersion blender. Its purpose is to mix liquids and thicker concoctions, or to mix harder, chunkier foods into those liquids and thick concoctions, while simultaneously chopping up some of those chunkier foods.

Be aware, though, that it is often much easier to break down these chunky foods in the chopping cup instead of trying to use the blending attachment, since the blending attachment can only break down chunks which are already small enough to fit inside the circular blending encasement.

The Extras

Now that you have learned a little about this blender’s basic features, including its blending attachment, it is time to learn a little bit about its extra features, starting with its whipping attachment. Unlike the blending attachment, this attachment is, basically, a motor-powered whisk. It is best used for whipping egg whites, cream, meringue, or batter.

Hamilton 2 Speed 7FS

One of my favorite extra features included with this immersion blending system is the chopping bowl. Usually, this feature is reserved for much more expensive immersion blenders. If you are not familiar with a chopping bowl, allow me to explain a little bit about it. It is a small bowl/pitcher/cup inside of which you are able to place a double-bladed rod. This rod extends from the bottom of the bowl all the way to the top and through its lid – much like a typical Ninja blending system. Once the rod and lid are in place, you can unclip any attachments from the wand of your blender, place the wand on top of the lid, click it into place on the rod, and begin chopping up the contents of the bowl.

The Feedback

Consumer reviews for this blender, as for most immersion blenders, are rather mixed. I have come to expect mixed reviews for immersion blenders. It seems that a great many people are simply unable to accept the limitations of any immersion blender and complain that they have broken it. Upon further inspection, I am usually able to see that the machine has broken because the users have chosen to push it beyond its fairly-obvious limitations.

I haven’t found much of a difference between the reviews for this blender and those I have read for other immersion blenders. Those who accept that this blender will not perform like a countertop blender appear to be rather impressed with what it can accomplish, given its very affordable price.

The Conclusion

So long as you are quite certain that you are, in fact, in search of an immersion blender and are able to accept the limitations of any immersion blender, I can say that this may be one which will impress you. Though it could contain a stronger motor and you are likely to be able to push harder with a stronger blender, I believe that extra features included with the Hamilton Beach Hand Blender make it more than worth its rather affordable price.

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