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Cuisinart Smart Stick Plus Immersion Blender

Cuisinart Smart Stick Plus Immersion Blender

An extremely versatile cordless immersion blender, the Cuisinart Smart Stick Plus features all the same benefits as most corded immersion blenders but lacks the same lightweight qualities and cannot be used for extended periods of time.

Given its many positive features as well as its many downsides, the choice of whether or not to purchase this hand-held blender remains an individual one. Whether or not you will view this as a marvelous machine or a dreadful dud will depend greatly on your intended uses for this appliance, as well as a few other factors which are often unique to the individual. Some people may not be affected by this blender’s shortcomings whatsoever, whereas others may be plagued by inconvenience and frustration.

This article will take a closer look at the positives and negatives associated with the Cuisinart Smart Stick Plus. All opinions and information in this article have been gleaned from extensive research into the specifications of this machine as well as various other reviews based upon consumer experience.

Not only do I plan to outline and explain the benefits and drawbacks of this blender, I also intend to paint a mental image of the ideal candidate for its use as well as those people who should steer clear of it completely. Hopefully, based on this information, you can decide if you are the type of person who will benefit from purchasing this product or if you should continue your search.

Very Versatile

Immersion blenders are rather versatile appliances overall. Not only are they able to blend soft and liquid ingredients together, they are also often able to create whipped froths and chunky chopped vegetables. They are ideal for creating soups, baby foods, and cheesecakes – just to name a few applications. We will take a slightly closer look at this type of versatility when we discuss the extra features and attachments in a later section of this article.

For now, let’s focus on the versatility offered by this blender’s complete and total lack of a cord. One thing which has frustrated me most when working with immersion blenders in the past is the incredibly dangerous cords which somehow find a way to weave themselves around my kitchen in hazardous ways. In ways I cannot completely comprehend, it appears that these cords manage to tangle themselves around other stationary countertop appliances or knife blocks, pulling things to the ground as I move to new locations in the kitchen.

On more than one occasion, either I or a family member has tripped and fallen as a result of a cord dangling around on the kitchen floor. It sounds wonderful to have a five or six-foot cord you pull around the kitchen from countertop to countertop without worrying that you have traveled too far from the outlet, but the novelty wears off when people begin hurting themselves as a result of that very cord. I also find it dangerous to work over top of my stove with a corded immersion blender. The last thing I need is to melt the cord or set fire to it as I am attempting to mix a few final ingredients into my favorite soup.

This cordless blender allows you walk freely from one area of your kitchen to another without having to worry about tripping anyone or knocking anything over. I could easily plunge its long blending shaft into a deep pot atop my stove without having to worry about melting or setting fire to anything in the vicinity.

Still A Space Saver

One complaint many people have about cordless immersion blenders is that they often come with a power base which takes up considerable space on a counter (or in a cupboard/drawer when not in use). Fortunately, that is not the case with the Smart Stick Plus.

A big reason why people purchase hand blenders is that they are small – perfect for the tiny kitchen. It is good to know that this blender has been designed to continue to offer that same saved space with the added convenience of being rechargeable. Simply clip the charging pack off of the end of the wand, flip out the prongs, and plug the charging pack directly into the wall.

All The Expected Extras

When you purchase a Smart Stick Plus you will not only receive the power source/wand and a blending arm, you will also receive all the extras you may have come to expect from an immersion blending system. You will receive a long whisking attachment that is perfect for whisking eggs to hard peaks, creating beautifully emulsified dressings, or mixing up that morning omelet. Each of these attachments can be easily removed with the click of a button, meaning that you will not need to struggle with the twist and lock feature used in many other immersion blenders.

You will also receive a standard double-bladed chopping bowl. If you are unfamiliar with the chopping bowls included with immersion blenders, allow me to quickly explain what they are. Essentially, a chopping bowl turns your immersion blender into a small, low-power countertop blender. Of course, you will not be able to fit as much food/liquid into the small chopping cup as you would fit in a countertop blender and you should not expect the same type of performance. However, the chopping bowl does provide you the perfect place to create chunky salsas or break down hard foods into chopped bits, for toppings or as additional ingredients to the meals you are preparing.

To use the chopping bowl, simply remove the blending or whisk attachment from the wand and click the wand into place atop the chopping bowl’s lid. The power from the wand will cause the blades inside the bowl to rotate and break down any food contained inside.

Consumer Concerns

Of course nothing is perfect. Consumers have outlined a few concerns which can be related directly to this particular cordless immersion blender, as well as most other cordless immersion blenders.

One major complaint put forth was related to the weight of this machine. Since cordless blenders must contain a battery pack to store power, they are often much heavier than corded versions of the appliance. For that reason, I would not suggest this blender to anyone who experiences chronic wrist pain or who has difficulty holding up considerable weight for extended periods of time.

Perhaps the biggest complaints about this product were focused on the battery power itself. First, people have complained that the 20-minute time limit simply is not long enough for them to accomplish their kitchen blending tasks. Those people are also unable to wait for the battery to recharge itself afterward before continuing on with creating their meals. For this reason, I would not suggest this, or any other cordless model, to someone who regularly uses their immersion blender for longer than this short time span. For most people, however, this shouldn’t be too much of a concern, as most people rarely use it for more than two to five minutes at a time.

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