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Conair Cuisinart CSB-75BC Hand Blender

Conair Cuisinart CSB-75BC Hand Blender

Like most immersion blenders, the Conair Cuisinart Smart Stick brings you some of the abilities of a countertop blender with added convenience and space-saving features. Unfortunately, it does not offer as much convenience or additional features as many other immersion blenders, even those available at a much lower price.

Despite the fact that you have clearly seen my negative feelings toward this particular immersion blender, I invite you to continue reading this article. I truly believe that it will be difficult to find yourself the perfect immersion blender without first understanding what positive and negative qualities you may possibly come across in your search. For example, this blender appears rather impressive on the surface. It gets the job done and contains no major flaws. Also, it is available in a wide range of colors designed to lure you in. This blender’s less-than-impressive quality is only apparent once you begin looking into other immersion blenders and comparing this one against similarly-priced options.

In this article, I will review the Conair Smart Stick, fully acknowledging its positive and negative qualities. We will look at its motor, its price, its accessories, and the convenience it brings to your kitchen.

Made to Match Your Style

I can imagine that one of the biggest reasons this immersion blender is so popular is the wide range of colors in which it is available. Many people find themselves easily lured by colors and textures. It’s like those old stories you hear about people buying cars based on color and window tint, without pay any attention to what’s under the hood. I suspect that the same is often true with the Conair Smart Stick, and that this phenomenon can be credited for this blender’s popularity.

This wide-grip hand-held blender is available in an astonishing eleven colors. It is quite rare to find any appliance, large or small, available in such a variety of colors. Possible color choices include white, red, yellow, pink, chrome, lime, charcoal, metallic red, pink champagne, watermelon, and white pearl. I feel it is quite safe to say that, no matter what your personal style or home décor, one of these options is bound to match.

All The Expected Convenience

Although the Smart Stick features all of the basic convenience one would expect from an immersion blender, it fails to offer much more. First, let’s take a look at the convenience it does offer, then we can explore the areas in which it could use some improvement.

Conair Cuisinart 2FSThis blender’s thick handle makes it easy to hold onto and less likely that you will drop it into whatever dish you are working with. It also comes with a beaker, which allows you a place to mix small amounts of ingredients. Essentially, though, this beaker is a measuring cup without a handle.

Its rather long cord will allow you to plug this blender in one area of the kitchen while working in another. This is wonderful for people who need to mix something in a pot on the stove but do not have any electrical outlets located near the stove. Still, I would worry about the cord coming into contact with the heating element or open flame and would, thus, prefer a cordless option.

Unlike some hand-held blenders, this Conair blender allows you to select between two different speeds. This means that you can easily chop or mix your ingredients. This is the only somewhat-unique convenience characteristic I was able to find for this particular blender.

Many other hand-held blenders offer these basic features along with additional features such as a blending cup. Immersion blenders with blending cups allow you to place ingredients inside the cup, add some sort of blades, place a lid on top, and attach the handle/wand of the blender into a space on this lid, essentially creating a small low-power countertop blender.

200 Watts For What?

The motor built into this blender is a whopping 200 watts. If you are unsure of what this means, allow me to tell you that my use of the word ‘whopping’ was sarcastic – a 200-watt motor isn’t really anything to brag about, even in a small hand-held blender. More expensive immersion blenders feature motors of up to 300 or 400 watts. You may not think that the extra 100 or 200 watts makes much of a difference, but try thinking of it in reverse. Instead of imagining adding 200 watts to this motor, imagine subtracting it. You would find yourself with zero watts – a blender incapable of doing anything more than sitting on your countertop as a far-too-expensive paper weight, spatula, or manual whisk.

The stronger a blender’s motor is, the more tasks the blender is able to perform. For example, liquefying foods into beverages is only possible if a blender’s blades can spin at high speeds for a certain amount of time. Weak motors simply cannot run the blades at high speeds for very long without overheating and breaking down completely. For this reason, I would recommend that this blender only be used to mix liquids and soft ingredients. Working at its lowest speed, I believe you can easily chop harder fruits and vegetables, but I don’t believe you should expect to turn them into smoothies or sauces without running the risk of overworking your blender and overheating its motor.

Even less-expensive and similarly-priced blenders contain motors of at least 225 to 250 watts. I find it incredible that this blender is more expensive than those which have stronger motors and more convenience features.

Overall, Not Worth It

My personal opinion after thoroughly researching the Conair Smart Stick immersion blender is that it simply is not worth the money you will pay for it. Yes, it may look much nicer than some of the other available options, and it may match your kitchen décor, but this hand-held blender offers much less than other similarly-priced options. It does not come with a chopping cup – only a beaker. Its 200-watt motor is much less powerful than most other immersion blenders and is the least powerful I have reviewed.

Do not allow yourself to be fooled by the array of color options and the style appeal of this particular immersion blender. Try to focus on its features and qualities in deciding if it is the right blender for you.

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