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Breville Sous Chef Review

Breville Sous Chef Review

The Breville Sous Chef is an incredible machine which combines the abilities of a blender, food processor, and electric mixer into one convenient package.

I have reviewed plenty of blenders on this website as well as my fair share of hybrid two-in-one blenders. The Sous Chef is, however, the first three-in-one hybrid blending machine I found that greatly impressed me during my hours of research.

In this review, I will explain why I believe this machine is superior; I will list and explain most of its features and abilities while simultaneously explaining how they may impact your life. To conclude, I will outline the type of person for whom I believe that this product would be suited, as well as which people I believe will have no need for it. My goal is to help you decide if this may be the right blender for you, or if you should continue your search.

A Slicer and Dicer

In order to utilize the slicing and dicing food processor abilities of this machine, simply remove any internal blades, select a disc, and insert it in the appropriate place. You can then feed food through the incredibly large five-and-a-half inch feeding chute (which is more than twice the size of most other feeding chutes) to begin the process. The machine will spit the processed food into the large 16-cup bowl beneath the processing blades.

The possibilities are almost endless with this machine. You can julienne cut, French fry cut, shred, grate, and slice. There are even twenty-four different thickness settings for slicing alone, which will allow you to create slices as thin as 0.3mm or as thick as 8mm. For those who are used to using Imperial measures, 0.3mm is approximately one one-hundredth of an inch and 8mm is about eight tenths of an inch.

A Mixer

You can also use this machine in place of an electric mixer to mix up your favorite cookie dough, bread dough, or pizza dough, or as the first step in creating homemade pasta. Simply remove any food processing discs and place the dough blade inside. This plastic blade will work much like a blending blade; mixing foods together without breaking down the ingredients.

A Blender

Of course, I couldn’t feature this product on this website if it did not include the ability to blend. To begin blending, remove any food processing discs and insert the double-bladed blending rod into the bowl before securing the lid.

Much like an immersion blender’s chopping cup or the bladed rod design of many Ninja blending products, the dual-blade rod included with this blender works by slicing and mixing food from the top to the bottom of the blender, instead of only at the bottom like most other blenders. Although that sounds preferable, it takes quite a strong motor to power those blades to work hard and long enough to achieve the same results you would achieve with a traditional blender. Luckily, the 1200-watt motor inside this ensemble will not let you down.

Just Enough Power

Perhaps one of the greatest qualities of the Sous Chef is that all of its abilities and claims of wonderment are backed by a sufficiently powerful 1200-watt motor. Of course, I must admit, I have seen a few 1300 to 1500-watt motors in similar and even smaller blenders, but I must say that I do believe this 1200-watt motor will be able to power this machine with little concern on the part of the user.

I base this opinion on two things. First, a 1500-watt motor in this type of an appliance isn’t always necessary and is often put in place to impress consumers into paying extra for it. Second, upon reading many consumer reviews I have deduced that a very high percentage of consumers appear to be quite happy with the performance of this machine, even after owning it for a lengthy period of time. This tells me that the motor must be able to stand up to the test of tasks as well as the test of time.

The Extras

Not only does this system come with a large processing bowl with a 16-cup capacity, it also comes with a smaller processing container capable of holding 2.5 cups. The smaller bowl, which is ideal for fine jobs such as chopping garlic or herbs, fits snugly inside the larger bowl so that you do not need to dismantle and reassemble that unit to complete those smaller tasks.

Breville 3FS

Another wonderful feature is the programmable LCD timer which counts both upward and downward, showing you how much time has passed and how much time remains before your blending process is complete.

The final handy extra feature I would like to mention here is the storage container. Since this system comes with so many blades and discs it truly is a good thing that it also comes with a storage container. This sturdy plastic container features a clear lid, allowing you to see what is inside. It also locks closed to ensure that you do not lose any of the contents when moving it from one place to another.

Worth Its Price

After extensively reviewing information about this particular machine and reading pages and pages of consumer feedback for it, I believe that I can easily conclude that this superior machine is well worth its price. That is, only as long as you are planning to use it to its full abilities.

If you are not the type of person who ever mixes dough or will never utilize the food processing discs, this may turn out to be quite the waste of money for you. Remember, when in search of any kitchen appliance, it is important to base your decisions on your actual needs, not on which appliances offers the most interesting features.

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