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Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender

Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender

The Breville Control Grip is unique among immersion blenders in that it works much faster, is easier to control, and protects your pots and countertops from damage. Its motor offers only a mid-range of power when compared to other blenders – however, I believe that the Control Grip is sufficiently powerful to handle regular hand blending tasks and that the additional factors outlined above make this appliance more than worth its price. Those blenders with stronger motors are usually meant to complete incredibly difficult tasks which most people will not require from their home blending system.

In this article, I plan to bring together my personal knowledge about immersion blenders, my research on this particular blender, and the results of extensive consumer reviews to help you see both the benefits and drawbacks of the Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender. It is my hope that you can work with this information as well as your own lists of needs and wants to help you discern whether or not this blender would be a wise purchase for you.

I understand that everyone has a unique set of needs and desires. Although I do not hesitate to recommend this product in general, I acknowledge that it may not be the right fit for you. This is why I will not simply present my opinion but will also explain how I came to my conclusions so that you may form an opinion of your own.

Sufficiently Powerful

I would like to begin this discussion by taking a closer look at the motor included with this blender. Most people would expect that an immersion blender of this price would incorporate a top-of-the-line motor with more power than most of the rest on the market. Clearly, this 280-watt motor is not part of the top end of the power range. In fact, it exists somewhere in the middle.

I have seen immersion blenders with motors as weak as 200 watts. These motors probably stand up well to liquid blending and whipping, but likely struggle when faced with chopping bowls. On the other end of the spectrum, I have seen my share of 300 to 350-watt motors in immersion blenders. These ones are much more likely to withstand the wear and tear of immersion blending life. I can understand some people’s hesitation when it comes to a rather expensive immersion blender which features only a 280-watt motor.

I believe, however, that this motor will be able to stand up to most tasks and challenges you place in its path. It may not be built to run for ridiculously long periods of time and will probably struggle if you try to break down ice without the aid of liquids, but I truly believe that it packs just enough power for an immersion blender. If you are looking for something to break down ice without assistance, let me tell you that you are looking in the wrong place altogether – you should not be looking at immersion blenders at all.

As far as the price is concerned, we will continue looking at other details of this blender to see if that price is warranted by those features over and above the functionality of the motor.

Good Grip

True to its name, the Control Grip blender features a uniquely designed handle/wand which makes it much easier to grasp in a firm grip without slipping or losing control. Whereas many hand-held blenders feature basic, straight wands, this one has been contoured to fit the human hand. Molded grooves allow you a place to rest your fingers and thumb, essentially locking them into place. The nob at the top of the handle ensures an even greater grip.

Regular Attachments

I feel that there is a lot to say about this particular blender so I do not want to spend much time going into detail about its additional attachments; I will, however, briefly list them as well as their uses. This system includes an 8-inch blending arm, a stainless steel whisk, and a double-bladed chopping cup. The blending arm is great for mixing soups, purees, and other thick liquid-based foods and beverages. The whisk is great for emulsification as well as creating batters and whipped toppings. The double-bladed chopping cup will assist you in creating chopped vegetables or chunky salsas. Remember, each of these attachments can also create a large variety of dishes and beverages which I simply do not have the time or space to list here.

Breville Grip 1FS

Faster and Easier

The Control Grip blender features a very unique design in its blending attachment which allows you to complete a blending task in less time than if you were using a different immersion blender. Most other blending attachments feature two spinning blades and “air holes” inside a circular encasement, to pull air in and create a suction action which pulls food in toward the blades.

The Control Grip, instead, features a circular encasement designed with ridges inside of it. Although some suction is created, the bulk of what forces food toward the blades in this design is the ridges inside the encasement. This actually requires less power on the part of the motor – making it easier to understand why the 280-watt motor is capable of handling some of the same jobs as the 300 to 350-watt motors of different models of immersion blenders. Also, this way it is able to break down food much faster than the alternative process of using suction to move food.

The blending attachment is not the only area that’s designed a bit differently. As I stated earlier, the handle/wand of this unit also bears quite a unique design. Not only has this been built to offer an incredible grip on the machine, it has also been built to make the blending process much easier by providing a trigger-like power button. Instead of holding on to the unit with one hand and pushing the on/off/pulse button with the other hand (leaving no hand to hold the pot or bowl), you can switch through 15 different speeds simply by pressing the trigger located within your dominant hand’s grip.

An Impressive Immersion Blender

I cannot foresee anyone finding much to be unhappy about with this particular blender, other than its price. I understand that such an expensive immersion blender may simply be outside the price range of many individuals, however, it appears this one is built to impress. In fact, I haven’t even been able to cover all of its unique and upgraded features in this article. Also, consumer reviews have been quite positive for this machine.

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