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Bella 12-Piece Personal Rocket Blender

Bella 12-Piece Personal Rocket Blender

The Bella 12-Piece Rocket Blender offers a lot of versatility for a very low price, but fails to live up to the standards set by other single-serve personal blenders.

As you will see in this article, although this blender incorporates handy features and additional attachments, it does not contain basic features we have come to expect in personal blenders. That being said, you may find that the Bella Rocket does, in fact, meet your particular needs perfectly. Do not take my personal opinion as the final word. Take some time to read this article and decide for yourself by comparing and contrasting your needs and desires with everything this blender has to offer.

One Speed Beverage Blender

The Rocket operates by supplying power to the spinning interior blades whenever you press down on the inverted blending cup. Often compared to the Nutri Bullet, this blender is ideal for creating smoothies, shakes, and other beverages. Its one-speed motor appears to be set to quite a high speed, as it can effortlessly break down soft fruits and vegetables into liquids.

If you have any desire to use this machine to chop or dice food, I suggest utilizing the pulse function by pressing and releasing the blending cup repeatedly. This still may over-process your food, but is worth a shot. For the most part, though, I would stick with foods you are prepared to completely obliterate and turn into liquid.

Bella also markets this machine as one great for creating powders out of spices and herbs. I agree that the incredibly fast speed at which this blender operates is optimal for such a job. Just remember to use dried spices and herbs.

Multi-Use Blending Cups

This set boasts an incredible 12 pieces, three of which are blending cups. Two of those blending cups can hold approximately 16 ounces while the other can hold about 8 ounces. The other 9 pieces are all lids. This set features two blending lids (the ones with blades inside) designed to screw atop the blending cup before you flip it over and place it on the power base. Two easy-sip rings are also included. These are simply plastic rings which screw onto the tops of the blending cups, allowing you to drink without worrying about drips from the threads around the outside edge. Two storage lids are also included with this package.

In keeping with the theme of creating powdered herbs and spices, two of the lids have different sizes of holes in the top, so that you may easily shake your freshly ground herbs and spices directly onto your food.

It seems as though something is missing though, doesn’t it? Here we are talking about a blender which appears to be built mostly for the purpose of creating beverages, yet although it comes with a wide variety of lids it fails to include travel lids. The bottom of the blending cups have been formed to fit the average car cup holder, yet still – no travel lids. This means you will either have to use the sipping ring (and hope that the contents of the cup don’t find their way all over the interior of your vehicle) or you will have to use the storage lid (and wait until you arrive at your destination to actually consume your beverage.)

A Colorful Assortment

Of course, the specifications of a machine such as this are quite important, however many people also consider the aesthetic appeal of kitchen appliances. More and more, people are focusing on the kitchen as their home’s statement of style. For those who care about the appearance of their small appliances, it is great to know that you can easily color co-ordinate the Bella Rocket with almost any kitchen interior.

Not only can you select between different accent colors on the exterior of this blender, you can also select from different base colors. The total of six different accent colors and three base colors combine to bring you a total of nine different color combinations. I realize that the math doesn’t add up here. Unfortunately, you cannot pick and choose the ways in which you would like to match up the base and accent colors, Bella has done this for you already.

Your choices are brushed stainless steel with black and mirrored stainless steel accents, brushed stainless steel with white accents, brushed stainless steel with black accents, brushed stainless steel with red accents, brushed stainless steel with orange accents, brushed stainless steel with purple accents, brushed stainless steel with grey accents, white with mirrored stainless steel accents, and red with mirrored stainless steel accents.


In conclusion, I believe that this blender has been designed for beverages, based on its one speed setting and the size of its blending cups. However, I find that it falls short of the standards set by other personal beverage blenders in that it does not include a travel cup for drinking on the go. The assortment of colors and wide variety of other lids is quite impressive, but without a travel lid the value of this set is greatly diminished.

However, if you are the type of person who does not plan to drink your blended beverages on the go and can make use of the sipping ring instead, this may be a great investment for you, especially considering its exceptionally low price.


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